Big Bertha

Big Bertha

There was a great competition between the developers of different slot machines. They raced each other make better machines. They invested in that because they wanted to make a lot of money because of these investments. That's how the Big Bertha machine was created. This machine was huge and it was estimated that the money that was spent to make this machine come to existence was over one hundred thousand dollars. There were different engineering parts that made the machine operational. The power of the machine was a 5 horsepower electric engine.


The power of the engine was distributed with the help of a chain. There were 8 reels that were spinning, when you pull the liver. However, unlike the other machines, Big Bertha's reels had 20 symbols. This made the possible combinations to be near 25.6 billion. However, only one these combinations will give you the jackpot that you are waiting. The jackpot is huge and it is 1 million in dollars.

The math that is applied here will show you that it is really not worth playing the machine. You will have to pull the leaver over 205 billion times to get the jackpot. However, to do that you will need 205 billion dollars because each spin will cost you exactly one dollar. However, if you consider yourself lucky, this will not stop you. The odds are against you but this is something normal when you play games of luck.

The only one way to be the winners in these games is to be very lucky. This is not a very good investment because even you win on the 205 billion try, you will win only one million. The simple math shows that Big Bertha has to fix some things to make the machine a little more successful one.

Recent jackpot

Person won over $65.093, when he was playing slot machines. This is one of the biggest jackpots ever won on slot machines. In 2001, a woman achieved a thing that was considered to be undoable. She won $1,000,000 in a casino in Canada. The machine had progressive jackpot, which allowed the winner to claim this great reward.

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