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We respect the privacy of our users and visitors of our website. We always protect the security of our user's personal information and we have explained our privacy policy about collecting and using the precious information of our users below:

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

When you will use the website then you have to agree with terms of the privacy policy of this website and this website will have the authority to use of your personal information with ways of its privacy policy so you are not agreeing with the terms then you have to stop using the website. We can change the policy any time we want you can no question about that but we will inform you via notice or mails or we will put the changes on the front page of our website.

Use of the Cookies and Other Information Stored on the User's Machine

We use cookies to collect information from the user's machine or computer. We collect IP address, browser settings, browsing history and much other information about you and this information will help us to find the number of users from your PC to our websites and your personal interests about different web-pages of our website.

Gathering and Use of the Information

We collect different types of personal information in different steps. While you are subscribing for newsletter we will only collect your email id to send you the newsletter and we will also use the email id to send the notices containing different promotions, changes and offers of our website. If you register on our website you have to give name, address, mail id, credit card number, cell phone and land phone number, fax number and zip code of your area. We collect this information and then save this information for further use only.

We can hire some companies to give the limited services for us and they can give the identity verification services, payment processing services, software provision services to the users for us. We only provide the required information to these companies to complete the tasks and they will be forbidden to use any part of the information to do anything. Usually, other companies will also satisfy the privacy policy to protect the security of our user's personal information.

We can use your information to share with our partners for marketing purposes and they will be forbidden to use the information for any new purposes except the sole marketing purposes of our website. Our website has different links of other websites and if you use the links of our web-pages to visit those websites then you must be aware that those websites also have their own terms to use their websites and they can also ask for personal information.

If you visit and loss or damage something on those websites then it will be your own risk because we will not take the responsibility for visiting other websites, so whenever you are visiting other websites the risk will be always yours only. While visiting our website, you agree that we can chare your personal information with other parties as aggregate information and this information can be shared for marketing purposes of this website.

What can you do to protect your privacy?

You are the sole person to protect your privacy. You have to keep the account user ID and password safe from other people so that they can not use your account. You have to be extra careful while you are browsing internet and never provide personal information on any website what you do not know reliable to use. Always keep your browser cookie free so whenever you find a new cookie you will know that what websites cookie is that.

We have the right to have a charge for providing the copy of your personal information. You can delete or remove your personal information any time you want but after deleting you will not be allowed the services of our website. After deleting the information, you will no longer be a member of our website so you can not use the services and products for the members only. We can change this privacy policy any time we want and we will give the update to the front page of our website.

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