Slots History


Nowadays Slots machines are considered to be one of the most popular casino games. We can observe the development of both land and online Slots through the history of Slots' invention.

Slots history

The history of Slots invention dates back to 1895. The first Slots machine was built and designed by Charles Fey. This machine was available to players in 1895 and named after the saloon in San Francisco (Liberty Belle) the Liberty bell. It became extremely popular among gamblers. Later, recognizing the success and potential of this untapped market Fey decided to set up a company that would be concentrated only on the manufacture and design of slot machines. And for the next fifty years "Charles Fey and Company Inc." would go on to rule the slots industry.

Slots legal regulation

In 1909 Slots were under the legal regulation - they were made illegal in San Francisco which is considered to be their home. Later, in 1911 this happened in California. Fortunately, some Charles Fey's Slot companies identified some loop holes in the low. Designers replaced gambling Slot symbols by fruits and sweets.

Unfortunately, the government recognized the weaknesses in the legislation and Slots were outlawed ultimately.

In spite of the legal limitation, the Slots machine development continued to grow in Nevada. There were no Slots machines legal restrictions. In 4933 the Mills Novelty Company produced the "Castle Front" slot. This Slot symbolizes the slots market nowadays.

In 1951 Transportation of Gambling Devices Act came into force. Despite this fact, during 1960's the Bally Corporation provided gamblers with new electro-mechanical development making the game more interesting and exciting. Later, during 1970's the Video Slots were introduced. In this time the slots industry giant International Game Technology (IGT) was established.

With technological development came the Random Number Generators (RNG's) which is considered to be a key development of both land based and online casinos.

So, now we can see that despite all negative events in the past Slots are still the one of the most popular casino games and millions of players can enjoy this game in every part of the world.

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