Charles Fey


When you play games that are all about chance, you will be surprised that they have existed for very long time. Many of the games that are found to be played at today's casinos are with an origin that is hard to be tracked down. However, the most effective machine for making money was invented in U.S. Slot machines are proven to be very good and effective way for making money. Charles Fey discovered them in the city of San Francisco.

Before the invention called slot machines, there were the "trade simulators". These machines paid the winners with some kind of merchandise- cigar, cup and even free drink. These machines were all about poker and they have been really popular during this time.

Coin Payouts

Slot machines were the first machines that were paying the winnings in coins. There were three different reels. On every real there were ten symbols. When you got the three of the same kind, you are proclaimed to be the winner.

The first slot machine is known under the name Liberty Bell. Fey demonstrated how the machine works in 1887. When you insert a coin in the machines, it made the machine to start working. When the liver was pulled, the real game has begun. The people who had the pleasure of seeing the game starting for a very first time were impressed and they predicted that the machine will be a huge success in the future years.

Limited Jackpots

On the slot machines that were used at first, there was a limitation of the jackpot. When you do simple math, you will find out that there are 1.000 possible combinations because of the three reels and the ten different symbols on them. It is very interesting to be pointed out that the machine that was created originally by Fey also had winnings like free drinks even the machine was paying with money.

Fey is a smart person and he did that to avoid the Laws about gambling. Nowadays, this technique is still used by many of the slot machines owners. They put rewards like mints or gums to pass the laws.

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