How to play Slot?


The one of the reasons of Slots popularity is that its rules are very simple and easy for anyone.

But still, some newcomers should know some of the important steps to play Slot well.

Slots basics and rules

  • The first step is placing the bet.
  • Usually the bets are 1:5 coins per play.
  • Some of the Slots accept up to 10.
  • The coins' value depends on the type of Slot machine.
  • Usually each coin worth 5, 25 and 50 cents or $1 or $5.
  • There are also higher bets machines.
  • After the bet is made one should click the button which spins the reels and wait for the result.
  • The winning depends on the combinations.
  • One can read all necessary information about the game on the paytable which can be different for each type of the game.
  • Some Slot machines pay out 20-1 achieving 3 bells, but this combination may pay out 3-1.
  • Some Slots require matching symbols on the cross to win or 5 matches in exchange for 3.
  • All online Slots have a "help" button with the help of which one can find all necessary information concerning the game.

Slots' Progressive jackpots

Machines with progressive jackpots are very popular because of their possibility accumulate the sum of the jackpot until somebody hits it. Progressive jackpots can be more than $5 million. Players must bet the maximum coins' number to hit a progressive jackpot.


On some Slot machines the jackpot can be higher when playing maximum coin bet.

As for online casinos, the casino operator decides what payout percentages should be. For example, the online casino will place the Slot machine and advertise that its payout is 97%. On average, for every $100 the machine will pay $97. The other $3 is the casino's benefit.

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