Pay table


When you play video poker or slot machines, there are some things that you want to know before you actually start playing. One of them is the so called pay table. This thing is really important, especially if you play one of the two games that are listed above. The pay table is something that you need to put great effort to understand process and memorize.

It shows what are the winnings for the different combinations, how much coins you have to place in the slot machines to make sure that you will get the jackpot, how many coins you have to use to improve the odds of winning something. These are all things that are listed in the pay table and everyone who deals with video poker or slot machines must know the pay table that is related to his/her game by hard.

There are some places, where the manufacturers of slot machines choose to put the pay table. In most cases the table is shown next to the lever that is used in the slot machine. It does not matter, if the machine is new or old one, the pay table will be there, that is certain.

Pay table and winnings

To win something from the slot machines, you have to get all of the same objects lined up in the payline. If this does not happen, then you will not win anything. The objects must be in the center of the field where the objects are shown. When you play online or video slot machines, you will only see the symbols that are in the middle of that particular field.

That's how any misunderstandings and confusions will be removed. When you pull the lever, you have to watch the pay line. If you get three of the same symbols, then you are the winner. However, you want to keep your eyes opened for the "wild symbols", which are available on some slot machines. These symbols will give you some extra bonuses, if you note them.

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