Slot Odds


Because of the variety of Slot machine games' types, the odds of the game can be different either. Slot machine game odds are depicted by a payback percentage. The best payback percentage should be close to 100% as much as it possible.

Putting the highest paying Slots in high traffic casino areas

Some casino operators used to place the better paying machines in bars, entrances and any place in which a crowd of people may be. The aim of this so-called "strategy" is to attract the attention of passed-by players to higher paying machines making some other players to play at low-paying machines.

Land based casinos' Slots payouts

Land based Slots are usually offer credit betting denominations: .01, .05, .25, 1, 5, and 100. Casinos get more revenue with the help of a big money turnover. A 5 credit Slot machine has odds which are higher than in .25 credit Slots.

For 0.5 denomination the average payout would be 92.5%; for .25 - 94.1%; for one credit slot - 95.9% and for 5 credit slots - 98.4%.

Different Slot machines denominations and bankroll


But remember, these are approximate figures. Your own return may differ from these numbers. Also you should double above-mentioned amounts. A lot of gamblers have won a lot of money with small bankrolls. For example, in 2001 one businessman in Arizona won Megabucks jackpot (the multi-million dollar jackpot) with 22 credits. The simplicity of Slots and high win potential make the game extremely popular.

Online casinos' Slots payouts

The same as in the land online casinos are producing large slots wins either. But online casinos provide payout rates which are considered to be even higher in comparison with payouts in offline casinos.


So, you can try your luck in both online and land based casinos and decide for yourself which is better for you and hit the jackpot.

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