Realtime Gaming


The history of Realtime Gaming starts in the year of 1999, when the company was established. Costa Rica and Atlanta are two places where the company has offices running. This is great way to go around all laws and because of this little trick; they have dragged the players' attention on them. Also, the industry figures are interested in the company because they have proven that they know how to evade laws.

That's why, nowadays, the company is considered to be one of the biggest and greatest companies that deal with online gambling games. Also, the software they have developed is unique and trustworthy.


Software is one of the key points, when you talk about online gambling. Every company produces different software on its own. The reasons for that are many, including security and benefit. However, each software program must allow you to play different games that are connected to gambling. Realtime Gaming offers one of the best software on the market. They want to attract as many customers as possible.

Players that play from home are their main target group. That's why they offer a set of different games, including slots. Slots have proven to be really funny and entertaining online casino game. The game does not require you to have some special knowledge or to know special tactics. It is all about luck.


Their recent innovation that they have added to their software is the option for Auto Play. This feature is really interesting because it allowed the player to deal with other things while he/she plays on the software. He could be chatting with friends while the software plays for him. You are going to be surprise when you come back and see that you have hit the jackpot. Sounds amazing, isn't it

One of the things that are bothering about this software is that Realtime Gaming is allowing the operators to modify their software. That's how operators could choose to lower the odds for you to win something. Also, they could choose to make the odds to be in your favor, but this is not very likely.

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