PartyGaming is one of the most popular companies that deal with online gambling. The company started to operate in the year of 1997. The company's headquarter is in the exotic place of Gibraltar. SAFE Port Act is one of the reasons why the influence of PartyGaming is declining. Before that this company was one of the greatest companies that dealt with online casino gambling, including poker. However, even with the US regulations in place, PartyGaming still owns one of the best online rooms related to poker in the world.

History and Early years

Ruth Parasol is one of the people that are related to PartyGaming very much. The gambling network was managed by her. iGlobalMedia is another company that is connected with PartyGaming. Many people consider that iGlobalMedia acted as an umbrella for the PartyGaming Company, allowing them to carry their operations without any problems from the government. The people who have dedicated their lives to the company are Ruth Parasol, Anurag Dikshit, Vikrant Bhargava and Russ DeLeon, who is Ruth's husband.

The year of 1990 was crucial to the company. They were on the edge of huge breakthrough but their destiny lied in the hands Michael Shackleford. This person is responsible for the tests of the roulette games and blackjack games that were created by this Company. If he says that the games are okay, the company will get a huge contract and they will be one of the greatest companies that deal with online gambling.

Money making

The four people that have founded the company decided that it is time to go public. They have sold their common shares on the Stock Exchange in London. The price that was offered at first was near $8.5 billion but only a year after that the total price was estimated to be little over $12 million. After that many things happened, which changed the way how the company was perceived by the world. Some years after that, the company's value was back on the place where it started.

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