Mills Liberty Bell

Mills Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell- the invention of Fey

Charles Fey invented the first modern version of today's slot machines. He did that in California in the year of 1899. There were 3 different reels that were spinning and they had different symbols on each one of them. The symbols included: horseshoes, card units and even bells. To make the reels start spinning, the players had to pull the lever. If there were three of the same kind symbols, the person is proclaimed to be the winner.

Slot machines that are produced today use the machine that was created by Fey as an example. No matter how advance the machine is, it has spinning reels and a lever. If you play online, you have to press a button that is pretty similar to the lever. When you push the button, the reels will start spinning till every one of them stop and depending on the symbols, you may get some pretty outstanding rewards

The Liberty Bell that was invented by Herbert Mills

The Liberty Bell that was created by Fey was not supposed to be used by anyone. However, the plans were stolen. Herbert Mills, several years later, started producing a machine that was pretty similar to the original machine that was created by Charles Fey. The machine was even more successful than the Fey's one. Other machines started appearing, too but none of them could even get close to the success of the Mill's machine, which was named Mills Liberty Bell.

Even that the government was battling the gambling, slot machines were spread everywhere in 1909. The way that all the salon owners and manufacturers of slot machines have dealt with the gambling laws is very simple. They put rewards like gums and mints in the slot machine. It was very intriguing way to deal the government and because of that this method is still used today.

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